Marrickville Traders

A visionary concept from the team behind Precinct 75.

TZG (Carriageworks, Art Gallery of NSW, Oxford Hotel, Bondi Pavillion) welcome Marrickville Traders - an inclusive community where office spaces, retail, artisans, food and entertainment seamlessly coexist at the crossroads of Rich, Shepherd & Chapel Street, Marrickville.

Over the years, this site has borne witness to a captivating transformation, evolving through different epochs that have intricately woven the tapestry of Marrickville’s history.

From potters, brickmakers, metalworkers and more recently the Newtown Jets, this site has held significance for the industry evolution in Marrickville.

Over the years, the site has witnessed a captivating evolution that has intricately woven the tapestry of Marrickville’s history.

In the 1800s, this land bustled with a multitude of industries, marking the genesis of Australia’s industrial revolution. Potters, brickmakers, and metalworkers were among the skilled artisans who called this place home.

By 1910, the Marrickville landscape had evolved, with iron and woollen works dominating the skyline. These industries were so intertwined with the community that they celebrated their craftsmanship and contributions through annual exhibitions.

The 1930s ushered in a new era of growth with the discovery of fresh raw materials, reinvigorating iron and steel production. Come 1963, Marrickville had grown to become one of Sydney’s most vital industrial municipalities, accommodating approximately 900 diverse industries and enterprises.

In more recent years, this site has held a special place in the hearts of locals as the beloved home of the Newtown Jets. This rich history tells a tale of innovation, unwavering dedication, and cultural significance that continues to resonate today.