Oceans Newport

Inspired by the Australian way of life and our love of coastal villages, comes an exclusive collection of residences on Ocean Avenue, Newport.

A celebration of the colours, materials, and textures of the Northern Beaches coastline. A limited collection of pure luxury coastal living from the team at IPM, Mim interiors & PBD architects.

OCEANS, Newport is a boutique development on the iconic Northern Beaches. Encounter a sanctuary of calm & respite. Experience the lightness of living seaside. A nod to the nostalgic feeling of being on holiday in a romantic coastal village.

Welcome to Paradise. Welcome Home.

From the boundless beauty of the Northern Beaches coastline to the exclusive collection of residences, you’ll share in a more relaxed way of life. Live in a place attuned to nature… the scents of the ocean rolling in on gentle sea breeze and the sound of waves tumbling into shore.